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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Birth and death of Jean-Baptiste Degoux

We know that Jean-Baptiste Degoux was born in 1859. But it could have been another year too. Anyway, we can be pretty sure about his date of birth: that was May 12. Or it could be another day.

A day earlier. Or one day later. Or another day in may, or in another month.
Fact is that Jean-Baptiste Degoux was born in 1859, on May 12th.
Say, until today this is a fact.

On the other hand, the day of his death remains a mystery.


Blogger frips said...

well,well, finally we'll become a bit wiser about this mysterious person
i've heard so much about him and i've always thought that he couldn't have been a real person...

10:21 PM  
Blogger MaCo said...

Thank you so much Frips, for your love and patience during those long years of investigations.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear beloved Founders,
Great happiness was my part when opening my mail this morning. With uther joy I took knowledge of the fact I may become a member of your illustrious Society. What an honour. Since my childhood I have been aware of a hard to defining need, a blind spot. Since today I know what I missed. I WAS NOT A MEMBER. Now being one, I will be able to deploy my full personality. I will, of course, do all the possible to help you to find more information about the famous Mr Degoux. I will try to help you in your quest to gather historical facts about this fine human being. To my humble opinion I might be quite fit for this job, because my wife loving wife often discribes me as being 'DEGOUTANT'.
Yours most greatfull member
Mister Stock

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Jean-Baptiste Degoux said...

Mijne beste wenschen met Uw suxes!

10:55 AM  

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