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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

In congress

Tonight, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society is in congress.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today: a letter from Mr Vetter!!

Jean-Baptiste Degoux (In-between Julia Greyp (?) and another unidentified woman?) during a musical séance. Date unknown. (first photo)

Today, we, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society felt greatly relieved to receive an interesting envelope in our postbox from our beloved contributor, Mr Didier of Vetter.

The envelope contained a personal letter, handwritten by Mr of Vetter and also two interesting vintage photographs that show us, although undated, without doubt the person of Mr Degoux.

First of all, we would like to bring over our best wishes to Mr of Vetter and we hope all is well with him and his family.

Now, we keep very grateful to Mr Maurice Muylaert for the, indeed, very interesting information he sent us those last weeks concerning the person of Mr Jean-Baptiste Degoux.

But after close investigations, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society has the impression that Mr of Vetter is much more close to the truth.

Of course, we keep our ears wide open to more information from Mr Muylaert.

But now, we would like to present to our readers, the unsensored letter from Mr of Vetter:

Chers Messieurs,

Voilà !!! Je vous ai advertis. On pouvait s' attendre a des bétises de M Muylaert. Nous savons tous qu'il a une case de libre. Tout le monde a compris qu'il est complètement cynglé. Mais personne a oser penser qu'il pouvait sortir de telles conneries. J B Degoux, le grand catholique...?? C'est inouï !

C'est prouvé noir sur blanc que notre chèr fondateur était un libertain pur sang. Il détestait tout ce qui pouvait limiter ses pensées et ses actes. Il tenait à la liberté d' expression. Il méprisait le clergé. Il se moquait de toute autorité. Enfin, il s'en fichait des cons et adorait les femmes. Jean Baptiste Degoux, était un belge libertain, francophile, anticléricale et joyeux. Sauf la question s'il était royaliste ou républician reste encore un mistère pour nous.
Je pense savoir connaître la source des fabulations de Muylaert. Pendant son internement a l'institut, il a du entendre parler du frère Kesteloot, qui a vécu là bas il ya longtemps. Bien qu'il est déjà mort pendant des décenies, 'Vinipurus' reste, si on peut dire un homme de poids. Mais hélas, une fois de plus MM confonds réalité avec fiction. D'abord, Vinipurus n' était pas son vrai nom, mais un surnom donné par ces confréres pour des raisons évidentes. En réalité il
s'appelait Ambrosius (Ambroise) Kesteloot. Eh oui, Kesteloot connaisait Degoux. Eh oui, le frére a essayé de convaincre JBD. Mais de quoi?? Il voulait changer les habitudes de Degoux. Ambroise était bien sur grand amateur de vin et Jean Baptiste tenait a sa bière. Pendant des longues discussions et degustations, l' un voulait changer les habitutdes de l'autre. Hélas tous les deux avaient une forte caractère et un foie solide. Comme ça, il sont jamais venus a un accord et leurs chemins se sont séparrées. Voilà la vérité, rien que la vérité.

votre ami sincère

Didier De Vettèr(e)

ps; Savez vous que JBD, bien qu'il était un libertain anticlèricale, croyait fortement dans le spiritisme et l'occulte.
Inclus deux photos de scéances. Une avec JBD et Julia Greyp pendant une scéance aux 'Lembeekse bosschen'. L' autre est une démonstration de musique spiritique.

Plus d'explications dans les semaines qui viennent.

Mr Jean-Baptiste Degoux During a séance amidst the ' Lembeekse Bossen '
(Bosschen) (Lembeke (B)) . Date unknown.

As a free service to our readers, we hereby also publish a computer translation into English of Mr of Vetter's letter.
Enjoy it!
Dear Messrs,
Here!!! I have you advertis. One could expect has bétises of Mr. Muylaert. We know all that it has a box of free. Everyone understood that it is completely cynglé. But nobody has to dare to think that it could leave such conneries. J B Degoux, the large catholic...?? It is!
It is proven black on white that our chèr founder was a libertain thoroughbred. It hated all that could limit its thoughts and its acts. It was due to the freedom of expression. It scorned the clergy. It made fun of any authority. Lastly, it drove idiots and adored the women of them. Jean Degoux Baptist, was a Belgian libertain, francophile, anticlerical and merry. Except the question if it were royalist or républician remains still a mistère for us. I think of knowing to know the source of fabulations of Muylaert. During its internment has the institute, it has to intend to speak about the Kesteloot brother, who lived low it there ya a long time. Although he already died during décenies, ' Vinipurus' remains, if one can say a man of weight. But alas, once more MM confuse reality with fiction. Initially, Vinipurus was not its true name, but a nickname given by these confréres for obvious reasons. Actually it was called Ambrosius (Ambroise) Kesteloot. Eh yes, Kesteloot connaisait Degoux. Eh yes, the frére tried to convince JBD. But of what?? It wanted to change the practices of Degoux. Ambroise was well on large amateur of wine and Jean Baptist held has his beer. During long discussions and tastings, one wanted to change the habitutdes other. Alas both had strong a character and a solid liver. Like that, it ever came has an agreement and their ways were séparrées. Here is the truth, only the truth.
your sincere friend
Didier De Vettèr(e)
PS; Know that JBD, although it was a libertain anticlèricale, strongly believed in spiritism and occults it. Include two photographs of scéances. One with JBD and Julia Greyp during a scéance in the ' Lembeekse bosschen'. The other is a demonstration of spiritic music. More explanations in the next few weeks.
Thank you, Mr of Vetter!
Thank your, Mrs Greyp!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Maurice Muylaert

Brother Vinipurus Kesteloot ?

Today the Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society was glad to receive an envelope containing an interesting vintage photograph and a letter written in English and signed by Mr Maurice Muylaert.

The photograph shows us a dreamy man in a kind of religious clothing that is tied around his well-fed body by a white rope.

According to Mr Muylaert, it is a portrait of Brother Vinipurus Kesteloot. No date is shown, nor any other information.

The Society hereby publishes the unabridged letter from Mr. Muylaert. Anyway, we insist to emphasise the fact that the complete content of the writing is the responsibility of Maurice Muylaert himself.

Looking at the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux as a man of religion is a very innovative thought indeed, the more that several other historical sources always have presented Mr Degoux as an atheist to the backbone and one of the major European heretics of the 19th and 20th century.

But now, here are the words of Maurice Muylaert:

Dear Sirs,

As promised some weeks ago, here I am again. During my long months of abscence I took the time to study some aspects of the personnality and genius of our beloved J B Degoux.
A lot has allready been said about his renewing ideas on economics, archeology, art, science, lovelive, etc.... During the following weeks I will take the liberty to reveal more about the psychological, religious and mystical side of his enlighted mind.
First of all let me tell you that JBD was a deep believer, a real catholic. Aspecially in his older years he was true follower of the pope and church. Many times he was found praying, knelt in devotion, in a church or little country chapel. When he was younder though he had a more funloving way of live. But afher his bankrupty he went trough a mentaly more difficult time of his existance. He came to the conclusion he had to change his way of live.
Luckily (or was it gods will?) he met Brother 'Vinipurus' Kesteloot. This holy man helped him to find the right path, the one that leads to god.
He showed him that the true love is found in the suffering of our lord Jesus and the obediance to the holy church. In his old age JBD was often seen preaching to the masses gathered around him. On this ocasions he warned them about devil who was everywhere. Satan often disguised in the lusts of live; women, beer, gambling, guitarplaying and mailart.
Yes this beautifull person was a true man of god.
Later more( I have to take my treatment now).

yours sincerely

Maurice Muylaert

ps. photograph included of Brother Vinipurus Kesteloot

For our French-speaking readers, we ordered this computer translation:

Ches Messieurs,

Comme a promis quelques semaines il y a, ici je suis encore. Pendant mes mois longs de abscence j'ai pris le temps pour étudier quelques aspects du personnality et le génie de notre Degoux de B DE J bien-aimé. A beaucoup allready a été dit de ses idées renouvelant sur la science économique, l'archéologie, l'art, la science, lovelive, etc. l'etc. ... Pendant les semaines suivantes je prendrai la liberté pour révéler plus du côté psychologique, religieux et mystique de son esprit de enlighted. Tout d'abord vous me permettre de dire que JBD était un croyant profond, un vrai catholique. Aspecially dans ses plus vieilles années il était le vrai partisan du pape et l'église. Beaucoup fois il a été trouvé prier, agenouillé dans le dévouement, dans une église ou une petite chapelle de pays. Quand il était younder bien qu'il avait une façon de plus de funloving de vie. Mais afher son bankrupty il est allé le chemin un mentaly le temps plus difficile de son existance. Il a conclu il devait changer sa façon de vie. Heureusement (ou c'était dieux feront ?) il a rencontré Kesteloot de « Vinipurus » de Frère. Cet homme saint l'a aidé à trouver le bon chemin, le l'un qui mene à dieu. Il l'a montré que le vrai amour est trouvé dans le souffrir de notre Jésus de seigneur et le obediance à l'église sainte. Dans son vieux JBD d'âge a été souvent vu prêcher aux masses rassemblées autour de lui. Sur ce ocasions il les a avertis du diable qui était partout. Satan a déguisé souvent dans les convoitises de vie ; les femmes, la bière, le jeu, guitarplaying et mailart. Oui cette personne de beautifull était un vrai homme de dieu. Plus tard plus (je dois prendre mon traitement maintenant).

le vôtre sincèrement

Maurice Muylaert

ps. la photographie a inclus de Frère Vinipurus Kesteloot

Today, again a new light was thrown on the historical person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux. Of course, our Society will go on with the profound investigation of these new facts.

Thank you, Mr Muylaert!

Thank you, Brother Kesteloot!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

New logo for our society

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society: Proud to present...

Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux does not want to present an old-fashioned image when confronted with the outer world.

Therefor we asked a professional firm to design us a modern and trendy logo .

It was hard working indeed, but finally we are proud to present... the fresh logo of the Jean Baptiste Degoux Society.

Note: please do not ask for more information concerning the firm that designed our logo since they preferred to stay anonymous.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

An unexpected comeback

With pleasure, the Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society announces the unexpected comeback of pending member JS.

For privacy reasons the Society decided not to publish the letter he adressed to us.
Yet, we can assure our public that Mr JS is in a reasonable condition, at least physically.

But what a coincidence that shortly before this, a comment was posted on this site that, as you know, is dedicated to the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux. The writer of this was nobody else than Mr Didier of Vetter.
What follows is a computer translation from French of this comment:

Dear Sirs,

Ca there is! !!! They have it relachés finally. Finished the months of peaces that one had during his internally. Now it has the nerve of pretendre that it did his cleans to Spa. I assure you qu' it some drank, of the 'spa' in the psychiatrie. Ca should be a change àpres his regime of cannetes Spätenbrau and the bottles Castle Migraine of with LIDL and Aldi. Now it thinks that it was able to escape collocation permanent by pretendre that it is an intellectual malcompris. By his 'big knowledge' fragmented works and thought about our liked good JB Degoux, it thinks that it been able to cheat a psy that is also a big admirer of the brothers Degoux. Alas the true reason is more prosaïque. It have it relaché to leave places to the crazy more dangerous one than lui.Aprés a lot of 'tests', they came on the noting than it is stupid than crazy plutot. Me personal, I always thought that it is the two. Can be I was mistaken and has one done confidence in the psys qui'lont exanimés. In any case, one is adverti! !!!! SAVE YOU


Didier Of Vetter

Now what's more: only two days before this, another comment reached us, this time by Mr Maurice Muylaert.
We publish the translation from English into French:

Ches Messieurs,

Laisser me proteste premièrement contre le contens de la carte postale envoyé à vous par De Vetter. Je n'étais pas en vacances en Bourgogne l'année dernière et je plus n'ai pas été même bu. Deuxièmement, je veux à appologise de mon abscence pour tant de mois. Je n'étais pas, je répète, je n'ai pas été tombé malade et hospitalisé dans l'institut de soin mental majeur de Gand, mieux sait comme Ghyslain de Saint. Ceci est encore une diffusion sale de rumeur par De Vetter. Non, je dépense quelques mois dans un institut de santé dans la Station thermale suivant un cours de « renaissance ». Donc j'avais beaucoup de temps pour penser du monde en général et les travaux et les pensées de notre Degoux de B DE J bien-aimé en détail. J'ai géré pour venir marquer de nouvelles vues sur la personnalité et le génie que JB Degoux était. Je sens que enlighted et tout voit maintenant clairement maintenant. Je suis arrière, et vous » ll est le premier le savoir le « MONSIEUR » De Vetter. Maurice Muylaert est arrière en ville ! !!!

Le vôtre sincèrement


What a pleasure to notice that the spirit of Jean-Baptiste Degoux is still among us!!!

However we would like to insist to anyone involved in our Society, to concentrate on the historical research concerning the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux and this without getting too personal.

Thank you Mr JS!

Thank you Mr Muylaert!

Thank you Mr Of Vetter

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Paris en Poche

Probably Degoux

his is, most probably, one of the pocket guides Jean-Baptiste Degoux used on his voyages to the French capital.

Inside the 'Guide Pratique' are 25 'cartes et plans' with personal marks and notes by the user himself.

A look inside the guide

Today the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society presents to its readers the first two pages of one of the guides JBD most probably used in Paris.

Please notice the initials in the upper right corner!

We will gladly accept all additional information concerning the Parisian days of Mr Degoux.

Thank you!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Society Sitting

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society insists to declare to the public that it is currently sitting.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The mysterious phone call

Aimé Degoux having a call

It took us some time of investigation to find out what exactly was happening in the photograph Mr Anonymous sent us about two months ago.

But now the Society agrees: the picture shows Aimé Degoux talking in his cell phone.

The question stays: who was Aimé talking to, the day before the dramatic bankruptcy of Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs, at the Sint Jacobs flea market in the historic center of Ghent?

And what was he talking about?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Degoux and Paris

Nouveau plan de Paris

Is this the map Jean-Baptiste Degoux used during his trips to Paris?

Inside the map

Notice the initials in the upper right corner!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Photograph from Mr Anonymous

The photograph we received today from Mr. Anonymous.

Right in the middle of a rare sunny period here in Belgium, the Jean-Baptise Degoux Society received unexpectedly this curious picture from a person calling himself Anonymous.

Here is what was written in French on the back of the photograph:

Chere Madame, M,

A la question ce qu'est arrivée à Aimé Degoux après la faillite dramatique de ‘les Dolmens de Degoux de Frères et les Menhirs' j'ai peur je ne pourra pas vous donner une réponse satisfaisante.

De toute façon, c'est avec le plaisir je vous envoie cette image de M Degoux le jour avant les faits.



We are happy to help our English readers with this computer translation:

Dear Madam, M,

To the question this that arrived to Aimé Degoux after the dramatic bankruptcy of ‘the Dolmens of Degoux of Brothers and the Menhirs' I am afraid I will not be able to give you a satisfactory response.

In any case, this is with the pleasure I send you this picture of M Degoux the day before the facts.



This picture and these words is all the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society received today.

There may be more to follow!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A postcard from the De Vetter Family!

Back of the postcard from the De Vetter family.

Those days, members of the Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society are, like most other normal human beings, busy enjoying the holiday season.

This means that historical research concerning the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux is brought down to a lower level.

Anyway, the Society stays attentive.

That's why we were so glad today to receive this postcard from Mr Didier De Vetter ( click here for more Vetter ) and his family, apparently staying in France those days.

A first thing drawing our attention in the text written on the back of the postcard is the hesitation in Mr Vetter's writing, making the first line almost unreadable.

Further on, Mr Vetter mentions a (accidental ?) meeting with Mr Maurice Muylaert. It is not quite clear whether he sees this as a positive event or not. Therefore he does not give us enough details.

But we can be quite sure that Mr Degoux will have been subject of their conversation.

Possibly, more news will be following later on.

Thank you for your nice card, Mr of Vetter!

Front of the De Vetter postcard

Front of the postcard our Society received today from the De Vetter family.

The text on the front of the postcard is in French :

La Priére du Vigneron

Mon Dieu!...

Donnez-moi la santé pour longtemps

De l'amour de temps en temps

Du boulot pas trop souvent

Du pognon suffisamment

Mais du Bourgogne tout le temps.

For those unable to read the language of Voltaire, we bring this computer translation:

The Prayer of the Winegrower

My God! ...
Give me the health for a long time
Times love in times
Tubby step too often
Money sufficiently
But Burgundy the whole times.

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society insists to thank the De Vetter family for these inspiring thoughts and wishes them all the best for the holidays!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Whatever happened to Aimé Degoux?

Aimé Degoux (on the left) during his success-ful escape from the prison-van.

Some of our interested readers keep asking us what happened to the brother of Jean-Baptiste Degoux, Aimé , after the dramatic bankruptcy of the 'Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs ' firm.

Well, the fact is, and the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society wants to be honest about this: we don't know either!

Untill now, very little is known about how Aimé survived these harsh events that gave such a sudden and definitive turn to the lives of the Degoux brothers.

Anyway, we know this: it was still very early the morning after the dramatic facts, that Aimé's sleep on a bank of the town's beautiful 'Vrijdagmarkt' market place, in the shadow of the Jacob van Artevelde statue, was severely interrupted by a town police officer. Shortly after, our unlucky man was put into a prison-van to be brought to the town prison.

However, once again Aimé seemed to be slept out better than one would have thought.

Due to a moment of in-attention of the driver of the carriage, the unsuccess-full business man succeeded in leaving the vehicle even before it entered the Nieuwe Wandeling City Prison, taking his most important belongings with him in a small briefcase.

The proof of all this is the photograph we recently found on the flea-market that was most probably taken by a passer-by who happened to be a witness of these historical facts.

After that, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society lost all traces of the person of Aimé Degoux.

But the research goes on!

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Monday, June 06, 2005

An interesting skull!

Is this the skull of Jean-Baptiste Degoux? (3rd row, 5th column)

During the recent '05 International Symposion, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society also organised some very interesting expeditions in the neighbourghood.

On one of these, we came along a graveyard in the French Ardennes.
How big was our surprise when we took a look at the ossuary here!


Very strange indeed, the more that the ossuary itself dates back from the 18th century.
Most probably a municipal workman left it there in recent times, one way or another.
This could also be the reason it looks somewhat paler than the others.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A postcard from Jean-Baptiste Degoux!

The postcard from Jean-Baptiste Degoux that reached us today.

Today, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society was happy again to receive a vintage postcard from Mr Degoux.

The card is clearly signed by Jean-Baptiste Degoux himself.
Possibly it has been lost years ago by the postal services.
It shows an image from the interesting town and fort of Montmedy in the north of France.
However, the postal stamp and code show us that is was sent from a location somewhere in the south of Belgium. Typical to the international spirit of our beloved Jean-Baptiste is that he does the effort to combine the Dutch, French as well of the English way of writing 'Belgium' in one only stroke.

Mister Degoux writes in his short text, using a kind of old-fashioned Dutch : '...alwaer het warme is...'. ( '...where it is warm...' (free translation into English, JBDS))
Now, here, does he refer to the weather only?

Or is this also a fine hint to the the proximity of some place or some thing he wants to draw our attention to?
We, the Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society, find it as one of our tasks to examine this.

Thank you again, Mr Degoux!
Please keep writing us!

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Front of the postcard Mr Jean-Baptiste Degoux sent to the Society that bears his name.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The '05 International Jean-Baptiste Degoux Symposion

An impression of the '05 International Symposion

Because of the actual fine weather being, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society found it necessary to quickly organize its yearly International Symposion.
The location was Belgian, indeed. But there was a clear view on France, the other side of the valley.

The Main subject of the Symposion was ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux and his Impact on Social life and Traditions in the Gaume Region at the Turn of the Nineteenth an Twentieth Century and the Remnants of this in Our Modern Times '.
This was also the title of the essay with which PS and MC in the same year got the ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society Award '05'.

In spite of the quick organization of the gathering , the attendance was overwhelming.

Participants were:

Member and co-founder MC (not on the picture because taking it).
Member and co-founder PS was represented by MC.
Pending member JS was represented by by PS.
Mr Didier of Vetter was represented by pending member JS.
Paul-Henry 'Maurice' Muylaert was represented by Mr Didier De Vetter.
Mrs Julia Greyp was represented by Mr Paul-Henry 'Maurice' Muylaert.
Mr 'Freddy' D' Hou Maghes Fhuly was represented by Mrs Julia Greyp.

Hereby the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society wants to thank all participants that helped us to bring this scientifically extremely interesting gathering to a good end.

More news on this subject coming soon!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Actual picures of the Menhir Dumoulin!

Le Menhir Dumoulin on its current location.

It did not take a very long time to the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society getting to the precise actual location of the Menhir Dumoulin.

Using a fine ruse we could convince the actual occupant to let us enter the historical site and without him knowing, the Society got away with some fine snapshots of the standing stone.

But this all not after he treatened us to an abundant meal, inluding wine and trappist beers and music.

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A very recent close-up of the Dumoulin Menhir in Terre-Couchon

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jean-Baptiste Degoux and the masses

Jean-Baptiste Degoux, on the left

After the dramatic bankruptcy of the ' Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs ', things did not work out as they should have done for Jean-Baptiste Degoux.
The Society wants to be honest on this.

Every time he had to leave the house, be it only to get a loaf of bread, the masses gathered on the streets to catch a glimpse of his miserable person.

But everyone knowing the real Degoux-spirit realizes this situation only tempted him to make new plans for the future.

It was in this period Jean-Baptiste Degoux decided to leave the town of Ghent and move to the south of Belgium, to start a new business.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Mr Vervelghen's bicycle

Mr Degoux biking his way home through the Langemunt

It is a generally accepted fact that Jean-Baptiste Degoux did not take the shortest way home, directly after he was confronted with the dramatic bankruptcy of his firm ' Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs '.

In fact, there are proofs of evidence that Mr Degoux the day after in the early morning did lend a left-alone bicycle from Mr Vervelghen in an effort to enter his appartment in the Lange Steenstraat still on a reasonable hour and there meet his brother Aimé to talk out the problems that had occurred the day before.

Of course he could not know at that very moment his brother was trying to get some sleep a little further on a bench at the Vrijdagmarkt in the early morning shadows of the statue of Jacob Van Artevelde and had already decided not take the way back home again.

' Maane velo stond hiere, en neu est ee wegh ', Mr Vervelghen declared to the local police.
The bicycle most probably ended at the bottom of one of the town's romantic waters and was never found back.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Contribution from pending member Mr JS part 3

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society hereby presents to the public the third part of the extensive contribution of pending member JS.
In this last chapter JS concentrates on a particular fact in the life of Mr Degoux, being his presumed relationship with Mrs Greyp.

We present these pictures with the text that was sent with them, but again the Society wants to draw the attention to the fact that it is not responsible for the historical value of it.

Mrs. Julia Greyp in 1928 on a car trip with JBD.

The car is not his, but lent from a friend. Miss (at that time) JG in her early twenties, JBD an already somewhat olderly men, but still very vital. JG remembers the trip well:
'We went to the countryside. We had fun, but afther some time, in the middle of a forest the car halted suddenly. Afther a quick inspection JBD said it was the 'piston'. He said the engine had to cool off for a long time and we 'll have to spent the night in the car. To our suprise we found blankets, food and wine in the booth. It was a night to remember. Next morning , as JBD had predicted, the motor started again and we drove home. '

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Last picture is Mrs. Greyp in 1992, without any comment.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Co-founder PS without any trace

PS in better days, amidst the Irish mountains

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux society is sad to announce to our public the disappearance of our beloved member and co-founder PS.
Mr PS left us three weeks ago for the Degoux symposium in Rennes with the promise to come back with lots of useful information concerning the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux, but since then we didn't receive any news.

Anyway, we keep looking foreward to his report and wish him all the best. The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society wants to express its full confidence towards his person but in the mean time its deepest concern about his current situation and all this to his family and relatives too.

Also, the Society wanted to do an appeal to anyone who could help us to find back our beloved co-founder or give us information that leads us to him.

A beautiful reward is waiting here in our office.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005


The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society is currently sitting.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The corrected back of Eugene Degoux

Pending member JS sent us this correction today of his contribution we received last week. This should definitely be a picture of the back of Eugene Degoux.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Contribution from pending member Mr JS part 2

Presumed portrait of Mr Degoux with unidentified person nr 1

Revealing pictures out of the collection of Mrs. Greyp, showing Mr JB Degoux in action in Paris. (year unknown, two pictures about 80% certainty about autenticity,the other 67%).


Hereby the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society presents the second part of the extensive contribution that was presented to us by pending member Mr JS.

It consists of three presumed portraits of Mr Degoux in the company of a female person ( it is not clear if this is three times the same individual).
According to the decent hairstyle Mr Degoux wore on the pictures, it is not clear whether this shot was taken by surprise or it was posed. Also, the identity of the second person on the photograph is unknown.

We do have information Mr Degoux did, during his stays in Paris, some modelling work.

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Presumed portrait of Mr Degoux with unidentified person nr 2

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Presumed portrait of Mr Degoux with unidentified person, nr 3

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The ‘04 Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society International Congress ‘

An impression of the '04 International Congress

Participants were co-founder and member PS and member and co-founder MC (not on the photograph because taking it), both from Belgium. The location was French. Not participating was JS, still unpending. The Main subject of the congress was ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux and his Impact on Social life and Traditions in the Region Nord-Pas-de-Calais at the Turn of the Nineteenth an Twentieth Century and the Remnants of this in Our Modern Times '. This was also the title of the essay with which PS and MC in the same year got the ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society Award '04'.

The Jean-Baptist Degoux Society has a long tradition of congresses, meetings, symposia and informal gatherings of all kind that goes back to the early 19th century, be it not always with the same amount of success.

In 1888 pending member Jean Baton called the ‘ 1888 Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society International Congress ‘ in L, England. Alas, none of the called members showed up and since Mr Baton himself, being a pending member, was not counted to the total amount, this was the first ( and as far as we know only ) congress without participants.

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Extensive contribution by pending member JS, Part 1

A picture of the Degoux brothers taken from behind.
This to illustrate to PS to look every way. Also behind him.

In an obvious attempt to force himself a way to a full membership of our Society, pending member JS handled us today an extensive amount of documentation concerning the personal life of Jean-Baptiste Degoux.

Today we would like to present a first part of this, concentrating on his family-life.

As for the rest we prefer to wait a couple of days in order to give our visitors the time to set their browsers parental control to some higher level.

We appreciate Mr JS’s honesty on the fact that the gathered information is second-hand, and also that he gives us his source: Mister Maurice. Can we suppose this is Mr Muylaert, our correspondent?

Let it be clear, once more, that the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society does not take any responsibility concerning historical value of these contributions (printed in italics).Please feel free to comment on this matter.

The word is now to Mr JS.

Comments to support the documents are by Mister Maurice.


Today I had a visit from Mister Maurice, PS's neighbour. He asked me to mail you some information and photographs. For the moment he prefers to avoid personal contact with you.

Mister Maurice says he would appreciate it if the photgraphs could be published. If not, he would be forced to hand them over to the local press.

your very active pending member


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Presumed pictures of Eugène Degoux, a cousin of Jean-Baptiste and Aimé.
One front and one picture taken from behind. ( yes PS???)
MM is about 90% sure about the authenticity of these photographs.
MM will reveal later more about the somewhat strange personality of this cousin.

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The second portrait of Eugène (back)

Note of the Society: Strange. If it is true what MM says, that this is a portrait of the back of cousin Eugène, we can only conclude that his front is very simular to his back.

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A picture of Eugène in action. Later more.

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