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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The ‘04 Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society International Congress ‘

An impression of the '04 International Congress

Participants were co-founder and member PS and member and co-founder MC (not on the photograph because taking it), both from Belgium. The location was French. Not participating was JS, still unpending. The Main subject of the congress was ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux and his Impact on Social life and Traditions in the Region Nord-Pas-de-Calais at the Turn of the Nineteenth an Twentieth Century and the Remnants of this in Our Modern Times '. This was also the title of the essay with which PS and MC in the same year got the ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society Award '04'.

The Jean-Baptist Degoux Society has a long tradition of congresses, meetings, symposia and informal gatherings of all kind that goes back to the early 19th century, be it not always with the same amount of success.

In 1888 pending member Jean Baton called the ‘ 1888 Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society International Congress ‘ in L, England. Alas, none of the called members showed up and since Mr Baton himself, being a pending member, was not counted to the total amount, this was the first ( and as far as we know only ) congress without participants.

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