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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Postcard from Paris by Jean-Baptiste-Degoux!

A postcard from Paris, signed by Mr Degoux.

Today the ' Sociƫteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux received a postcard from Paris, signed by Jean-Baptiste Degoux himself.

It is an old postcard, showing a vintage photograph. The card was mailed in the Louvre district in Paris town.
Though it is clear it has been written long time ago, there must have been significant delays in the French Postal Services.

There are several trails of Jean-Baptiste Degoux leading us in the direction of the French capital, starting from his childhood.
By the moment the Society is investigating an old ' Paris en poche ' guide that most probably has been used by him during one or more of his visits.

Being one of Europe's cultural centers, Mr Degoux has never really stopped visiting the Town of Light.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

May I correct you on the fact that JB Degoux never really stopped to visit Paris. Of course he did and quite often for sure. Maybe he did so to admire the culture and architecture of the Town of Light.
But he certainly did see some other lights????
Maybe it's time to bring facts to light upon a matter which hasn't cought our attention yet. The matter of JB Degoux and the ladies. Yes, his lovelive!!!!!!
He was ,this most true, a beautifull man with a brilliant mind. So women were attracted to him and 'visa versa'. All this is natural. But his ambitions were tempered in the somewhat backward ideas of rural and catholic Flanders of the late 19th century he lived in.
So he often fled to the enlighted city of Paris. There he found confort and understanding. Once back, he put to practice here what he learned over there. You can understand the astonishment of the local people. His fame was quickly made, specially with the ladies.
Again you will raise questions about the fact this has nothing to do with the artist, visionary, archeologist, poet etc.... who was JB Degoux. I don't agree. The importance of a historical figure can only be fully understood by studying his personal live.

Maurice Muylaert I + II

PS. We have lots of photographs and evidence about Mr Degoux' love affairs. We will mail or contact you in the suitable way.
PPSS. thanks to Mrs. JG.
Justice will be done.

1:06 AM  

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