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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Letter from Vetter

Today an interesting reaction reached us from Mr Didier of Vetter.

The original French text you can read below, as a comment on the article ' Stamp of Jean-Bapstiste Degoux society.

We asked our ordinateur to make this quick translations into English.

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society however wants to accentuate that what follows is the point of view of Mr of Vetter and does not take any responsibility concerning the scientific value of his words.

Letter address to the Founders of l' association 'J'S b Degoux.'

Dear Sirs,

Big was my astonishment while finding your 'site' has' l' internet. I am delighted to note that the world n' did not again forget l' illustrious personality that was John Baptist Degoux. A big one thank-you for your initiative. There is nonetheless a thing that renders sad me. The character and the dominance ANGLOSAXONNE of your 'site' has me stupefait. How is this possible qu' one talks about mister Degoux uniquely in English. Can be you do not know it, but this charming personality was a big francophile one. C' true east qu' it spoke almost toujour a type d' Flemish idiome. But for the big occasions it liked s' to address to its admirers in French. A rather special French often enriched with Flemish words. C' almost certain east that l' expression: " Ah yes it is sure, potatoes and veirkensuure." comes from him. J's b Degoux was to trust d' to be a bilingual Belgian. It liked his king, his fatherland and his beer. Occasionellement it spoke some words in English, qu' it had learned by a Scottish marain. The expessions "sjite, jou bastarde and wattezefukkeizgoigueonne" only was emploied por to entertain the crowd that had come to see it. Here the alone truth. J's' hopes that you will take account of its historic facts in the future and that seen done dorenavant the all possible one to put in value the wonderful French language.

Your historic expert

Didier Of Vetter
(Svp. Of Vetter is pronounced as of vetteire.)

PS. The said person paul-henri Muylaert s' calls in reality Maurice Muylaert. I know it. It converts his name into paul-henri to do chic. This is a big comical one that claims to know a lot on J'S b Degoux, but that some done n' in not big connait thing. PPSS. Know you that the favorite music of J'S b Degoux was the French song. It is said qu' it sang very often

" comes poupoulleke
comes poupoulleke
taratataaaa "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,
It its true my real name is Maurice Muylaert, but the problem is that all male persons in my family are named Maurice, and female members are called Marie. This is and old tradition. For us it's quite easy, so we say 'ons maurizesmarie' or 'ons marizezemaurice' or 'ons marizesmarie' or 'ons maurizezemaurice' when we talk about our nephews and nieces. Somehow it is also a bit of a problem for people strange to our family. Therefor, we often use our second and/or third name. Not to do 'chique' as the filthy De Vetter pretends.
Yours sincerely,

Maurice Muylaert

ps. I also know who you are. And I also know where you live.
( kenne uij uuk manneke en pas moar op kweete uij weune)
ppss. Everbody calls ' de vetteire', De Vetter (who is talking about doing chique??). He hardly knows a word of french. He has his letters translated into french by his son who works in an office in Brussels. He often boasts about him in his local pub.
' Mine zuene , ie et jem en stif scoone positie, ie zit'jem up a buroo in Brussle !' he mumbles then in his westflemish dialect.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Member and co-founder MC said...

Being one of our prominent correspondents, we are most grateful to Mr Muylaert for his interventions concerning the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux.
Alas, those last days we see that he tends to misuse our forum for publication of sheer personal facts and so is affecting the scientific and historical caracter of this site.
The more, Mr Muylaert apparently has started to attack the person of Mr of Vetter, who is currently solliciting to our vacancy for a French-speaking correspondent.

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society politely asks the gentlemen to concentrate in the future on the objects concerning the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux himself.

1:58 PM  
Blogger MaCo said...

Concerning Mr Degoux' knowledge of the French language, much is still unclear.
It is true he did attempt to write poetry in French and the Society is still looking for an uncompleted French novel by his hand.
But as his mother was born in the Muide-district and was a Ghent dialect speaker, French most probably was only a second language to him.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

I agree to end the controversy between De Vetter and me.
Idon't agree about the fact I started all this. HE did.
(oas 't eij stopt, tons ik uuk, moar EI es ter mee begonnhe).
Yours sincerely

Maurice Muylaert

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chers Messieurs,

Moi aussi j'aimerai finir ces querelles idiotes. Toute cette patatipatata était de toute façon au-dessous de mon niveau.
('t is ghoe Mullartje, os ghe ghie joen manieren oet, zak joen ook gherust laten)

aimicalement votre

Didier De Vetter

12:37 AM  

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