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Friday, February 18, 2005

Important document concerning ' Le Menhir Dumoulin '

The shipment note of le Menhir Dumoulin.

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society is in posession of the shipment note of the only object that the ' Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs ' ever traded. That is: ' Le Menhir Dumoulin ' sold to the Dumoulin family.

Being a big family the Dumoulins got a reduction of 10%, what left the sum of 1,80 old Belgian Francs for them to pay. Unfortunately they never got even with the Degoux brothers, with the results we know now : a dramatic bankruptcy and one of the hardest episodes in the life of Jean-Baptiste Degoux.

The note we see above is signed by Degoux A. ( Aimé, the older brother ), who was responsible for the firms' administration, a task that did not take too much of his time and so left him enough space to visit the town's pubs, where he was well known for his late night interventions.

On the left we can see a rough drawing of the standing stone, most probably made by Jean-Baptiste Degoux himself, accompanied with detailed guide-lines of how to place the stone on its location and the precise measures of the object.

One thing is sure: the stone is still standing and the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society will soon be proud to show to the public recent pictures as a prove of its existence.

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