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Sunday, February 20, 2005

PS apologizes

PS, following the track.

Co-founder and member of the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society, Mr PS, apologizes for not doing the work he ought to do on the Degoux website.

‘There is a good reason for that’, PS says. ‘ Those last few weeks, pending member JS and myself have been doing intensive excavations in Terre-Cochon, on the site of the Dumoulin Menhir.
We digged all the way from the kitchen to the stable in the garden where the famous stone is standing. The results are extremely satisfying. I am still enjoying the full benefits of it!’

Some bystanders asserted that PS has only been using the skill and craftsmanship of pending member JS to do some odd jobs for own advantage, but no serious archeological work at all.

‘ No, no, no! ‘ PS laughed, ‘ this job was 100% De-goux! ‘

Anyway, with this action Mr JS made a big step foreward on his way to a full membership of the Society.

But there is more. This weekend Mr PS left for Rennes for the Degoux symposium. ‘I just have to be there!’, he says. ' But I will be back!'

We’re looking forward to his report.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Indeed, I was a bit surprised by the views of Mr PS on archeological excavations. But being not an authority on the matter like he is and still a pending member, I did not dare to give comment on his way of acting. He putted forward that a cesspit is often an archeological goldmine (this is true, I also read it somewhere in a book). So he postulated that connecting a new toilet to an old cesspit would bring a whole new vision to archeology. He claimed that digging the trenches for the shittubes gave us also the opportunity to look for interresting stones and bones. He said it was also good for my fisical condition to do some outdoor work. I don't understand that if it was so healthy, he did't do some of the work himself. But as I already mentioned I 'm only a pending member and not in a position to comment on the co-founder of our beloved society. A neighbour although, a certain Maurice did not have this problem. This bossy person claimed to know everthing about Mr Degoux. He said he was an expert on the matter, but I had the impression he was only looking for an argument by putting that Mr Degoux never set foot in this garden. Far from having a shit on the old toilet. Mr PS seemed to be used to his behaviour. He gave Maurice one beer afther the other till he bursted out in singing and later fell asleep.
All this left me quite puzzeled. I din't know archeology was such a complex business.

Your dear societybrother,


PS. Is it possible to know when I will become a full member of the society? I 'm craving for a full membership. The uncertainty is gnawing at me. Please let me kow.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Member and co-founder MC said...

The process of becoming a full member to the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society can, in certain cases, be handled rather quick.
On the other hand we have the example of Mr Jean Baton, who became , as one of the first, a pending member of the Society approx. 1850 and is presently still waiting for his definitive appointment as a full member.
Anyway, one should bear in mind the serious advantages of being a pending member.
Full membership implicates lots of administrative tasks as well as public relations with our correspondents, what can be pretty dull.
As a pending member, on the contrary, one bears much less of the Society's responsability and can focus more on tasks such as assistance to our excavations, which is of a great advantage to the general physical condition.
Also we want to accentuate this general rule: once a member, always a member. Membership to the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society is for life, and one cannot go back anymore to a pending membership, nor to being no member at all.
As a manner of fact, this is also a rule for the pending membership: as a pending member it is impossible to become no member at all to the Society, although there is still the possibility of becoming a full member, of course then again under the conditions mentioned above.

Concerning Mr JS himself, in my opinion the process of him becoming a full member is evolving positively, although of course I cannot speak in the name of co-founder and member Mr PS who is, as mentioned before, at the moment staying in Rennes, France, for the Degoux symposium.

12:27 PM  

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