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Monday, March 28, 2005

Mr Vervelghen's bicycle

Mr Degoux biking his way home through the Langemunt

It is a generally accepted fact that Jean-Baptiste Degoux did not take the shortest way home, directly after he was confronted with the dramatic bankruptcy of his firm ' Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs '.

In fact, there are proofs of evidence that Mr Degoux the day after in the early morning did lend a left-alone bicycle from Mr Vervelghen in an effort to enter his appartment in the Lange Steenstraat still on a reasonable hour and there meet his brother Aimé to talk out the problems that had occurred the day before.

Of course he could not know at that very moment his brother was trying to get some sleep a little further on a bench at the Vrijdagmarkt in the early morning shadows of the statue of Jacob Van Artevelde and had already decided not take the way back home again.

' Maane velo stond hiere, en neu est ee wegh ', Mr Vervelghen declared to the local police.
The bicycle most probably ended at the bottom of one of the town's romantic waters and was never found back.

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