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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A postcard from Jean-Baptiste Degoux!

The postcard from Jean-Baptiste Degoux that reached us today.

Today, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society was happy again to receive a vintage postcard from Mr Degoux.

The card is clearly signed by Jean-Baptiste Degoux himself.
Possibly it has been lost years ago by the postal services.
It shows an image from the interesting town and fort of Montmedy in the north of France.
However, the postal stamp and code show us that is was sent from a location somewhere in the south of Belgium. Typical to the international spirit of our beloved Jean-Baptiste is that he does the effort to combine the Dutch, French as well of the English way of writing 'Belgium' in one only stroke.

Mister Degoux writes in his short text, using a kind of old-fashioned Dutch : '...alwaer het warme is...'. ( '...where it is warm...' (free translation into English, JBDS))
Now, here, does he refer to the weather only?

Or is this also a fine hint to the the proximity of some place or some thing he wants to draw our attention to?
We, the Sociƫteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society, find it as one of our tasks to examine this.

Thank you again, Mr Degoux!
Please keep writing us!

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Front of the postcard Mr Jean-Baptiste Degoux sent to the Society that bears his name.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The '05 International Jean-Baptiste Degoux Symposion

An impression of the '05 International Symposion

Because of the actual fine weather being, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society found it necessary to quickly organize its yearly International Symposion.
The location was Belgian, indeed. But there was a clear view on France, the other side of the valley.

The Main subject of the Symposion was ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux and his Impact on Social life and Traditions in the Gaume Region at the Turn of the Nineteenth an Twentieth Century and the Remnants of this in Our Modern Times '.
This was also the title of the essay with which PS and MC in the same year got the ' Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society Award '05'.

In spite of the quick organization of the gathering , the attendance was overwhelming.

Participants were:

Member and co-founder MC (not on the picture because taking it).
Member and co-founder PS was represented by MC.
Pending member JS was represented by by PS.
Mr Didier of Vetter was represented by pending member JS.
Paul-Henry 'Maurice' Muylaert was represented by Mr Didier De Vetter.
Mrs Julia Greyp was represented by Mr Paul-Henry 'Maurice' Muylaert.
Mr 'Freddy' D' Hou Maghes Fhuly was represented by Mrs Julia Greyp.

Hereby the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society wants to thank all participants that helped us to bring this scientifically extremely interesting gathering to a good end.

More news on this subject coming soon!

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