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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Whatever happened to Aimé Degoux?

Aimé Degoux (on the left) during his success-ful escape from the prison-van.

Some of our interested readers keep asking us what happened to the brother of Jean-Baptiste Degoux, Aimé , after the dramatic bankruptcy of the 'Frères Degoux Dolmens et Menhirs ' firm.

Well, the fact is, and the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society wants to be honest about this: we don't know either!

Untill now, very little is known about how Aimé survived these harsh events that gave such a sudden and definitive turn to the lives of the Degoux brothers.

Anyway, we know this: it was still very early the morning after the dramatic facts, that Aimé's sleep on a bank of the town's beautiful 'Vrijdagmarkt' market place, in the shadow of the Jacob van Artevelde statue, was severely interrupted by a town police officer. Shortly after, our unlucky man was put into a prison-van to be brought to the town prison.

However, once again Aimé seemed to be slept out better than one would have thought.

Due to a moment of in-attention of the driver of the carriage, the unsuccess-full business man succeeded in leaving the vehicle even before it entered the Nieuwe Wandeling City Prison, taking his most important belongings with him in a small briefcase.

The proof of all this is the photograph we recently found on the flea-market that was most probably taken by a passer-by who happened to be a witness of these historical facts.

After that, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society lost all traces of the person of Aimé Degoux.

But the research goes on!

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Monday, June 06, 2005

An interesting skull!

Is this the skull of Jean-Baptiste Degoux? (3rd row, 5th column)

During the recent '05 International Symposion, the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society also organised some very interesting expeditions in the neighbourghood.

On one of these, we came along a graveyard in the French Ardennes.
How big was our surprise when we took a look at the ossuary here!


Very strange indeed, the more that the ossuary itself dates back from the 18th century.
Most probably a municipal workman left it there in recent times, one way or another.
This could also be the reason it looks somewhat paler than the others.

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