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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Maurice Muylaert

Brother Vinipurus Kesteloot ?

Today the Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society was glad to receive an envelope containing an interesting vintage photograph and a letter written in English and signed by Mr Maurice Muylaert.

The photograph shows us a dreamy man in a kind of religious clothing that is tied around his well-fed body by a white rope.

According to Mr Muylaert, it is a portrait of Brother Vinipurus Kesteloot. No date is shown, nor any other information.

The Society hereby publishes the unabridged letter from Mr. Muylaert. Anyway, we insist to emphasise the fact that the complete content of the writing is the responsibility of Maurice Muylaert himself.

Looking at the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux as a man of religion is a very innovative thought indeed, the more that several other historical sources always have presented Mr Degoux as an atheist to the backbone and one of the major European heretics of the 19th and 20th century.

But now, here are the words of Maurice Muylaert:

Dear Sirs,

As promised some weeks ago, here I am again. During my long months of abscence I took the time to study some aspects of the personnality and genius of our beloved J B Degoux.
A lot has allready been said about his renewing ideas on economics, archeology, art, science, lovelive, etc.... During the following weeks I will take the liberty to reveal more about the psychological, religious and mystical side of his enlighted mind.
First of all let me tell you that JBD was a deep believer, a real catholic. Aspecially in his older years he was true follower of the pope and church. Many times he was found praying, knelt in devotion, in a church or little country chapel. When he was younder though he had a more funloving way of live. But afher his bankrupty he went trough a mentaly more difficult time of his existance. He came to the conclusion he had to change his way of live.
Luckily (or was it gods will?) he met Brother 'Vinipurus' Kesteloot. This holy man helped him to find the right path, the one that leads to god.
He showed him that the true love is found in the suffering of our lord Jesus and the obediance to the holy church. In his old age JBD was often seen preaching to the masses gathered around him. On this ocasions he warned them about devil who was everywhere. Satan often disguised in the lusts of live; women, beer, gambling, guitarplaying and mailart.
Yes this beautifull person was a true man of god.
Later more( I have to take my treatment now).

yours sincerely

Maurice Muylaert

ps. photograph included of Brother Vinipurus Kesteloot

For our French-speaking readers, we ordered this computer translation:

Ches Messieurs,

Comme a promis quelques semaines il y a, ici je suis encore. Pendant mes mois longs de abscence j'ai pris le temps pour étudier quelques aspects du personnality et le génie de notre Degoux de B DE J bien-aimé. A beaucoup allready a été dit de ses idées renouvelant sur la science économique, l'archéologie, l'art, la science, lovelive, etc. l'etc. ... Pendant les semaines suivantes je prendrai la liberté pour révéler plus du côté psychologique, religieux et mystique de son esprit de enlighted. Tout d'abord vous me permettre de dire que JBD était un croyant profond, un vrai catholique. Aspecially dans ses plus vieilles années il était le vrai partisan du pape et l'église. Beaucoup fois il a été trouvé prier, agenouillé dans le dévouement, dans une église ou une petite chapelle de pays. Quand il était younder bien qu'il avait une façon de plus de funloving de vie. Mais afher son bankrupty il est allé le chemin un mentaly le temps plus difficile de son existance. Il a conclu il devait changer sa façon de vie. Heureusement (ou c'était dieux feront ?) il a rencontré Kesteloot de « Vinipurus » de Frère. Cet homme saint l'a aidé à trouver le bon chemin, le l'un qui mene à dieu. Il l'a montré que le vrai amour est trouvé dans le souffrir de notre Jésus de seigneur et le obediance à l'église sainte. Dans son vieux JBD d'âge a été souvent vu prêcher aux masses rassemblées autour de lui. Sur ce ocasions il les a avertis du diable qui était partout. Satan a déguisé souvent dans les convoitises de vie ; les femmes, la bière, le jeu, guitarplaying et mailart. Oui cette personne de beautifull était un vrai homme de dieu. Plus tard plus (je dois prendre mon traitement maintenant).

le vôtre sincèrement

Maurice Muylaert

ps. la photographie a inclus de Frère Vinipurus Kesteloot

Today, again a new light was thrown on the historical person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux. Of course, our Society will go on with the profound investigation of these new facts.

Thank you, Mr Muylaert!

Thank you, Brother Kesteloot!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

New logo for our society

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society: Proud to present...

Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux does not want to present an old-fashioned image when confronted with the outer world.

Therefor we asked a professional firm to design us a modern and trendy logo .

It was hard working indeed, but finally we are proud to present... the fresh logo of the Jean Baptiste Degoux Society.

Note: please do not ask for more information concerning the firm that designed our logo since they preferred to stay anonymous.