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This space was founded by the Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society to gather all information about and create a deeper insight in the person and mystery of Jean-Baptiste Degoux (1859- ?), poet, philosopher, camper, archeologist, mail-artist, photographer, inventor, musician, cook, composer, social worker and finally founder of degouism.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Front of the De Vetter postcard

Front of the postcard our Society received today from the De Vetter family.

The text on the front of the postcard is in French :

La Priére du Vigneron

Mon Dieu!...

Donnez-moi la santé pour longtemps

De l'amour de temps en temps

Du boulot pas trop souvent

Du pognon suffisamment

Mais du Bourgogne tout le temps.

For those unable to read the language of Voltaire, we bring this computer translation:

The Prayer of the Winegrower

My God! ...
Give me the health for a long time
Times love in times
Tubby step too often
Money sufficiently
But Burgundy the whole times.

The Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society insists to thank the De Vetter family for these inspiring thoughts and wishes them all the best for the holidays!


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