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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A postcard from the De Vetter Family!

Back of the postcard from the De Vetter family.

Those days, members of the Sociëteit Jean-Baptiste Degoux Society are, like most other normal human beings, busy enjoying the holiday season.

This means that historical research concerning the person of Jean-Baptiste Degoux is brought down to a lower level.

Anyway, the Society stays attentive.

That's why we were so glad today to receive this postcard from Mr Didier De Vetter ( click here for more Vetter ) and his family, apparently staying in France those days.

A first thing drawing our attention in the text written on the back of the postcard is the hesitation in Mr Vetter's writing, making the first line almost unreadable.

Further on, Mr Vetter mentions a (accidental ?) meeting with Mr Maurice Muylaert. It is not quite clear whether he sees this as a positive event or not. Therefore he does not give us enough details.

But we can be quite sure that Mr Degoux will have been subject of their conversation.

Possibly, more news will be following later on.

Thank you for your nice card, Mr of Vetter!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

Let me first protest against the contens of the postcard sent to you by De Vetter. I was NOT on holidays in Burgundy last year and I was even more 'NOT' drunk.
Secondly, I want to appologise about my abscence for so many months. I was not, I repeat, I WAS NOT taken ill and hospitalised in the major mental care institute of Ghent, better know as Saint Ghyslain. This is again a dirty rumour spread by De Vetter. No, I spend some months in a wellness institute in Spa following a 'rebirth' course. So I had lots of time to think about the world in general and the works and thoughts of our beloved J B Degoux in detail. I managed to come to brand new views on the personality and the genius which JB Degoux was. I feel enlighted now and see everything clearly now.
I'M back, and you' ll be the first to know it 'MISTER' De Vetter.
Maurice Muylaert is back in town!!!!
Yours sincerely

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chers Messieurs,

Ca y est!!!! Ils l'ont relachés finallement. Fini les mois de paix qu'on a eu pendant son internement. Maintenant il a le culot de pretendre qu'il a fait sa cure à Spa. Je vous assure qu' il en a bu, des 'spa' dans la psychiatrie. Ca devrait être une changement àpres son regime de cannetes Spätenbrau et les bouteuilles Château Migraine de chez LIDL et Aldi.
Maintenant il pense qu'il a pu échapper au collocation permanente par pretendre qu'il est un intellectuel malcompris.
Par sa 'grande connaissance' fragmentée des oeuvres et pensées de notre bien aimé JB Degoux, il pense qu'il été capable de tromper un psy qui est aussi un grand admirateur des frères Degoux.
Hélas la vrai raison est plus prosaïque. Il l'ont relaché pour laisser place aux fous plus dangereux que lui.Aprés beaucoup de 'tests', ils sont venus sur la constatation qu'il est plutot con que fou. Moi personnellement, j'ai toujours pensé qu'il est les deux. Peut être j'ai fait erreur et doit on faire confiance dans les psys qui'lont exanimés.
De tout façon, on est adverti!!!!!

Didier De Vetter

1:44 AM  

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